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Flights to Cyprus

Flights to Cyprus arrive at one of three airports on the island. If you're flying into the Greek Republic of Cyprus then you will arrive at either Larnaca or Paphos International Airports. If you're flying into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus then you'll arrive at Ercan airport (close to Nicosia). The South remains the most popular destination, but in recent years interest has grown in the North. Flights to Cyprus are expensive by European standards and the island has yet to open up to budget airlines. Holiday makers booking flights to Cyprus do not need a visa to travel.

The South of Cyprus receives an estimated 4 million holidaymakers each year, the majority of whom arrive on package tours. As a result charter airlines such as Monarch, JMC and VirginSun account for the bulk of air traffic during the peak summer months. The two main carriers operating scheduled flights to Cyprus are British Airways and Cyprus Airways and you can occasionally pick up the odd cheap ticket. A number of smaller operators, such as Air2000 and Helios Airways, are also trying to get in on the act.

Anyone flying into northern Cyprus will be routed via Turkey. The North has remained isolated since the events of 1974 and currently no international airline services the region. As a result the only two airlines operating are Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA) and Turkish Airlines. Travelling from the United Kingdom you're likely to have to land in Turkey (either Ankara or Istanbul), which extends flight time from about five to seven hours.

Ercan Airport has recently reopened after extensive refurbishment, so travellers can expect a slicker service than in the past. The national carrier, Cyprus Turkish Airlines (CTA), has traditionally had a fairly dismal reputation, but there are murmurings that they have managed to pull their socks up. In bad weather flights are occasionally re-routed onto a nearby military airport so don't panic if you pull into a rather sinister looking place on arrival.

Please find some flight details and links below:

Cyprus Airways, Telephone: 0208 3591333
Helios Airways, Telephone: 0208 8198819
British Airways, Telephone: 0870 8509850
Cheapest Flights, Telephone: 0800 0682217



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